Saturday, June 8, 2013

Publish for self

Social networking sites gave everyone an opportunity to publish their thoughts, likes and life events. Though we got so excited about a dream becoming a reality, one need to really understand that there is a fine line between the idea of 'publishing for self' and 'publishing for everyone'.

Blogging or participation in an online discussion forum is mostly 'publishing for everyone'. Pages/ channels on social networking websites are meant for 'publishing for everyone.' But your wall/ timeline/ feed takes an all new meaning and outlook when you use it as the dynamic shareable journal that receives feedbacks ocassionally.

In other words, share info/ update/ present contents to keep a record of what you liked, agreed upon during that period of life. Don't just ruin it trying to make it look like billboard that got maximum attention. Don't let it become a endless listing that has nothing relevant to you. 

If you end up being concerned about how many views, likes, comments, redistribution occur to each update you make, then you end up being a product and your social network presence is just like a juicy advertisement. So make a new entry, if you would have written the same on a journal page every now and then. 

Privacy: you don't need an exact detail about where was a picture taken, who were you with and when was it taken - all the time with every photo you share. Keep the entire album with countless number of photos on your computer, storage device or at online storage space. Social networking sites are not meant for safe keeping. Only upload some pictures to represent an album you keep.

Just a sentence or two about what you realized or understood is enough. You are gonna remember about the time, place and group without just putting it up all online. If someone really asked, then you may consider to give out the details. No one cares about all the details, except a stocker. They are out there - acquaintances, strangers and businesses. 

In short, let you wall/ timeline have contents that briefly express your opinions and thoughts; an index of life events and quick reference to your privately stored media albums. This is not the only way, but it still looks great. Isn't it?

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